Bert Davis Consulting Services

Consulting Services That Are a Cut Above

During these times of rapid change and transformation, the bedrock value of our consulting services remains constant.   

No matter what industry trends are shaping the marketplace, Bert Davis Consulting Services enables our clients in the media, publishing, and information industries to focus on the most successful strategies and initiatives that drive customer value and profitable growth. 

We have a demonstrated track record in partnering with the C-suite in a wide range of strategic arenas, including digital strategy, new product development, technology assessment, integration and migration, and the deployment of the human resources required to support them all. Our success derives from our combination of executive-level business experience, deep domain knowledge in the industries we serve, and our uniquely positioned technology expertise. Our team includes successful general managers, entrepreneurs and technologists with deep knowledge of and experience in media, publishing and information businesses in every domain: education, professional, scientific, medical, technology and general consumer.

We approach each engagement with a methodology that is fact-based, driven by analytics, deeply documented, and that provides actionable results that are repeatable. We have a strong track record of comprehensive yet non-disruptive and culturally sensitive investigation, which produces a systemic view of complex business problems. We follow up our analysis with pragmatic, scenarios-based recommendations that can be quickly and effectively validated, selected, and implemented. We are also prepared and experienced in implementing these plans in direct collaboration with our clients, whether it is strategic planning or systems implementation.

Through our relationship with Bert Davis Executive Search, the iconic brand in retained, executive search in the media industry, we are able to bridge any identified gaps in human resource talent through both interim and permanent placement.
We help our clients achieve their strategic, financial, organizational, and technological goals by applying hands-on experience in every domain, intricate involvement with mission-critical staff, and excellence in both method and outcomes. We look forward to the opportunity to assist your organization in achieving its goals.

BDCS Leadership

A Robust Process Guided By Reason


While approaching each engagement with the utmost in competency and discretion, Bert Davis Consulting Services utilizes two core starting points of reasoning to guide its approach.

Well documented by top business school research and rooted in the foundation of the scientific method, management by fact (“MBF”) seeks to eliminate preconceived notions about the current state, reasoning for processes, etc. through rigorous creation of hypotheses, information gathering, and cross validation.  Non-emotion driven consensus is key to alignment and achievement of objectives.

Surprisingly, many companies skip one or more of the three required steps in achieving a strategic goal.  Navigation serves as a useful metaphor to how we both execute a project and make recommendations that are in alignment and actionable.  In order to navigate from one place to another, one must know:

  1. Where the journey begins; the current state.
  2. The desired destination; the strategic objectives.
  3. The means of getting there; the tactics and measures of success.


The vast majority of our engagements are executed in four discrete phases:

During discovery, Bert Davis Consulting Services captures the project’s current state leveraging its core axioms.  Depending on the nature of the engagement, this includes a mix of fact-finding interviews, review and documentation of key systems and their interconnections, mapping of relevant processes, identification of core toolsets, alignment to financials, and vendor management.  Often discovery extends into articulating the strategic objectives for the project in a way that is grounded in management by fact.

Analysis involves scenario development and identifying the gaps between human, technology, process, partner and other impediments to achieving the objectives.  This includes evaluation of risk should such gaps remain or be delayed in remediation.

Recommendations include documentation of the first two phases along with a pragmatic plan for the organization to bridge the gaps and achieve the objective. Some projects include documentation (e.g., handbooks). Often, our analysis reveals “reach” recommendations – those that Bert Davis Consulting Services deems important to the client but which are out of scope of the project.

Unlike many consulting firms, Bert Davis Consulting Services stands ready to implement its recommendations.  Often the simplest implementation is assisting the client in socializing the plan through the enterprise.  Complex implementation includes governance processes, system design and implementation, product marketing management processes, and organization design.  Where desired, Executive Search is brought to bear.

A Range of Engagements. A World of Opportunity.

  • Perform a sequence of knowledge transfer interviews with the exiting CTO
  • Assess existing organizational frameworks for managing digital resources, including product development, technology management, and related marketing, sales, and business development
  • Talent assessment of current staff
  • Identify core competencies
  • Assess technology platforms
  • Assess content architecture
  • Identify and assess software tool sets employed
  • Identify and assess third-party service providers
  • Identify risks and differed maintenance issues
  • Map current high-level processes related to:
    • Digital product development
    • Direct marketing and advertising sales
    • Web production and development
    • Content management
    • Knowledge management
  • Identify IP and ownership rights related to digital initiatives: product development, direct marketing and advertising sales
    • Software code
    • Content
    • Processes
  • Identify and assess core knowledge assets
  • Executive management committee
  • IT leadership committee
  • Others, as appropriate
  • Prioritization
  • IT project and resource tracking
  • Service-level agreements
  • Chargeback mechanisms
  • Business value assessment
  • Others, as appropriate
  • Executive announcements
  • IT Governance Office routine communications
  • Estimated/perceived impact/value for each requirement (ROI)
  • Stakeholder use cases
  • Pragmatic Marketing® Requirements, if desired
  • Risk mitigation and migration solutions
  • System architecture block diagrams
  • System technical description and requirements
  • High level mapping of input and output
  • Storage plan
  • Web services capabilities
  • Back and front end implementation technology recommendations
  • Workflow
  • User Experience including GUI Wireframes
  • API definitions
  • Definition/Implementation budget estimate
  • Large license/purchase items
  • Price and time ranges for design and implementation tasks
  • Estimated total prices to encompass maintenance and operation
  • Agile, waterfall; in-house, outsource; mixed methodology and teams worldwide
  • Project (risk) management
  • Quality assurance (functional, data migration)
  • Business training
  • Business processes surrounding systems