Bert Davis Executive Search

Experience Is Our Edge

Meet the largest and most trusted retained boutique executive search firm.

Founded in 1976, Bert Davis now serves global clients whose core products, services, and platforms reside at the intersection of content and technology. Our unparalleled track record of success extends across placements of executive leadership, functional management, and board members throughout traditional and digital publishing, educational technology,  professional information services,  and nonprofit sectors.

The consistency of our executive search outcomes stems from the caliber of our team and a highly customized search process that is efficient, comprehensive, consultative, and expertly-executed from start to finish. Applying decades of both industry expertise and executive search experience, our senior recruiters work in collaborative teams on each assignment to leverage deep networks, longstanding connections, and a research-fueled recruitment process that generates highly qualified and thoroughly evaluated shortlists of (typically passive) candidates best suited to a given opening.

Our team of senior recruiters serve as true partners to our clients’ boards, C-level stakeholders, line managers, and HR teams, emphasizing communication throughout the search life-cycle to ensure full satisfaction with search trajectories, enable ongoing refinement of criteria, and ultimately provide stakeholders with the utmost confidence that each critical appointment secured via Bert Davis Executive Search represents the absolute strongest viable possibility that relevant markets have to offer. As a result, the vast majority of our business comes from repeat clients or via recommendation

A Process That Puts Search Success Within Reach

We know that every search is unique and requires continual diligence and analysis, so our firm is designed to provide both a customized strategic framework and the critical attention to detail that brings searches to successful conclusions.

At the outset of each search, we assemble a team of senior executives with a proven track record of success. These senior members of our team meet with key client executives to examine the needs of the organization, determine the strategic direction of the search, and define the critical skills necessary for success. At this point, we work with the client to draft and finalize a position profile and set of criteria for hire.

Once the position profile is finalized, our senior leaders on the search, supported by our research staff, are able to recruit simultaneously in multiple industries, providing the client the opportunity to view qualified candidates who have worked in diverse segments of the information sector.

By searching our database, discussing the mandate with senior executives in our network, targeting competitive organizations, and scouring adjacent industry niches for suitable talent, we conduct a truly comprehensive yet efficient search. Following engagement and assessment of prospective candidates, we submit a group of interested and qualified candidates to the hiring executive for the selection process. At this point, in cooperation with the client’s selection committee, we establish a priority group of top candidates and the interviewing process begins. We also use client feedback on the first group of candidates to develop a second group of candidates targeted to fill any gaps that may have been identified in the initial candidate pool.

Typically, two to three finalists emerge from this process. We then start thorough reference checks while the client company finishes its evaluation and determines its candidate of choice.

Once the client company has made its choice and the individual is prepared to join the organization, we conduct a final reference check, negotiate mutually acceptable offer terms, and close the deal with the successful candidate.

In summary, this is our six-step process:

  1. The position description is finalized and a comprehensive list of qualified candidates representing diverse backgrounds is developed and submitted to the client.
  2. The hiring executives make their selections from this initial group; three to six candidates are generally scheduled for interviews.
  3. The client interviews the first group while the Bert Davis team continues to cultivate additional qualified candidates; additional interviews are scheduled.
  4. Two to three leading candidates are brought back for final interviews; the Bert Davis team begins checking references.
  5. Candidate of choice selected; final reference check and/or background check is conducted.
  6. An offer is formulated and negotiated to conclusion and acceptance.

Discover the Bert Davis Difference

Organizations have a plethora of options when it comes to talent acquisition providers. Why do so many entities within our sectors of expertise consistently retain Bert Davis Executive Search to fill their most critical senior-level openings?

Bert Davis Executive Search specializes in serving corporate and nonprofit clients whose products and services reside at the intersection of content and technology. As a result of this focus and the resulting networks, expertise, and insights, our firm is ideally equipped to devise and implement the nuanced and often multifaceted search strategies that generate ideal placements for our clients’ crucial openings.

With an unparalleled track record within the industries we serve, our team offers peace of mind that – within the relevant functions, levels, and sub-sectors of a given opening – a Bert Davis engagement dependably leads to an impeccable search experience and successful placement. Contact us today to discuss your organization’s specific requirements and learn more about the relevance of our track record.

Since 1977, the Bert Davis team have served as trusted partners to long-term clients. Our reputation is rooted in our client focus, consultative process, and consistent results that have made Bert Davis Executive Search a boutique industry leader and have enabled our clients to acquire the senior talent and leadership they require to remain at the forefront of their fields.

Each Bert Davis Executive Search mandate utilizes a combination of resources to enable the consistent execution of efficient yet exhaustive searches. By tapping into our proprietary candidate database, undertaking discreet senior-level networking, and implementing first-rate research and sourcing skills, our senior recruiters execute each search via a dual research- and network-driven process to ensure the comprehensive coverage of target markets that drives optimal results.

Bert Davis Executive Search is composed strictly of senior recruiters with targeted industry and executive recruiting experience. By not employing or outsourcing search execution to junior staff, our firm ensures that our clients and candidates receive impeccable service, communication, and results throughout every stage of each search lifecycle.

By allocating a dedicated team of senior recruiters to each search and utilizing the longstanding networks and expertise of our entire collaborative staff, Bert Davis guarantees that our clients fully benefit from our resources of scale while preserving the attention to detail, customizable processes, and expert delivery for which our boutique firm is known.

The Bert Davis team understands that each client opening is unique and requires a strategically crafted and thoughtfully implemented search plan. We thus partner closely with our clients at the outset of each search, and communicate throughout the full search lifecycle, in order to set, implement, and fine-tune the ideal search methodology to meet each client’s requirements and achieve the best possible placement

We pride ourselves on a methodology which, while customizable to client requirements and preferences, is structured around regular client communication with multiple checkpoints and feedback loops. By enabling early and continuous client input to inform ongoing search and screening efforts, this ensures absolute satisfaction with the search trajectory and results in stronger and deeper shortlists than can be produced from traditional linear search processes.

Bert Davis Executive Search represents the largest boutique search firm serving global clients in the publishing, information services, educational technology, and nonprofit sectors. With deep networks, expert-led research processes, and well-established yet flexible search methodologies, the senior Bert Davis teams allocated to each search enable efficiencies of scale in combination with the high-quality personal execution upon which our reputation has been built.

With headquarters in New York and senior recruiters stationed across the United States, our staff brings a range of international experience and has enabled Bert Davis Executive Search to successfully execute countless searches across all five continents.

At Bert Davis, our teams are accustomed to expertly navigating and performing highly confidential searches for our clients. As trusted partners of both candidate networks and client stakeholders, we pride ourselves on our ability to exercise the utmost discretion without sacrificing search results.

As a result of our senior recruiters’ experience within their fields of expertise, our search teams are able to provide clients with in-depth candidate assessments, insider market insights, and consistently provide value-added context, insights, and solutions throughout each search process. Coupled with the experience-driven foresight of our tenured recruiters, our teams specialize in identifying and nimbly navigating potential issues before they become problems, and in helping our clients to secure their first-choice, best-fit candidates.

In business since 1977, the stability of Bert Davis Executive Search is rooted in the quality of our service, the trustworthiness of our team, and the consistency of results that has led to long-term clients comprising the vast majority of our client base. Offering technological, strategic, and leadership consulting services as well as unparalleled executive search, we are proud to serve to serve as a true long-term partner to our clients in enabling organizational transformation and innovation.