Partnering with Non Profits for
Proven Results

Put Our Knowledge of Nonprofits to Work for You

Our work in the nonprofit sector sets the industry standard. From our partnerships with professional societies to our collaborations with charitable organizations, we have the talent and high-yield insights to help nonprofits meet their talent acquisition goals. Leveraging deep experience across the spectrum of non-profit entities, each member of our team intimately understands the nuances of our clients’ senior-level human capital requirements.

We recognize how critical it is for our clients’ leadership teams in this space to achieve the right balance between subject matter expertise, functional abilities, motivation, cultural fit, and forward-looking motivation to pioneer the right organizational solutions. Serving as true partners to mostly longstanding clients, we deliver customized search and consulting services to many segments of the nonprofit sector, including:

  • Professional Societies
  • Trade & Interest Associations
  • Standard-setting Organizations
  • University Presses
  • Academic & Research Journals
  • Research Institutes
  • Museums
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Nonprofit Publications & Digital Resources

Executive Search Solutions That Put Non Profits On a Path to Success

For each client, we leverage our turnkey understanding of the nonprofit sector to design and implement uniquely customized search solutions. With our unparalleled agility, scale, and expertise, we can identify and navigate both candidate and client stakeholder challenges throughout the search lifecycle, enabling us to anticipate and address potential problems while offering true solutions.

The widely trusted, industry-proven Bert Davis approach continues to deliver the most successful retained search solutions, ensuring that our nonprofit clients are prepared for one of their most vital missions: to secure highly capable leaders for their organization, and remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving sector.

Customized Consulting That Turns Obstacles into Opportunities

Today, strategic and technology-based trends increasingly impact our nonprofit clients’ executive search requirements. These changes can raise a wide variety of formidable issues and challenges.

Due to the rapidity of change and the resulting volatility of strategic, technological, and human capital requirements during times of transformation within the industry, Bert Davis Consulting Services regularly provides expert talent on temporary assignment and client-specific advisory services on a consulting basis.